Our Goals

Join us in encouraging Gonzaga University to adopt these hallmarks of a Catholic university:

  1. Gonzaga University to be publically committed in its governing documents to achieving full compliance with the letter and spirit of Ex corde Ecclesiae.
  2. Gonzaga to work to attract and maintain a faculty body that is majority Catholic in composition, with 65% Catholics as the goal.
  3. Gonzaga to publicly disclose the status of faculty members who teach theological disciplines with regard to their requests for and receipt of the mandatum from the bishop.
  4. A Board of Trustees governing Gonzaga that is majority Catholic. Public disclosure of the current makeup of the board in that regard.
  5. Gonzaga to adopt a speaker policy that will avoid awarding honors or platforms to those who publicly oppose core teachings of the Church.
  6. Strengthened Gonzaga University core curriculum requirements to give all students an opportunity to be more fully exposed to the richness of the Christian intellectual tradition through required theology courses.
  7. University Ministry efforts that are substantially oriented toward Catholic Christianity and have, as their primary mission, helping students develop spiritually in ways consistent with Catholic teaching and practice. Specifically, those involved in Gonzaga’s University Ministry, particularly employees of the University, should communicate clearly, without obfuscation, the Catholic understanding of the truth about faith and morals.
  8. A renewed effort on the part of Gonzaga’s administration to take care that, when speaking and acting as an institution, the University speaks and acts in ways that demonstrate fidelity to the Christian message that forms the inspiration for the University and in a manner that is in conformity with the magisterium of the Catholic Church.

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